Matter and Space specializes in small-scale remodels. Bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms and the like are all handled with expert professionalism by Jay and his team. We can take your project through design, demolition, framing and building, all the way through finish carpentry, tile, and built-in cabinetry. We are able to offer full design services prior to building and throughout, including CAD renderings. Being small allows us to really plug in to our customer's specific needs and bring their project to life. While we do specialize in a striking modern aesthetic, we can certainly build in any style. In all of our work, regardless of style, you will find a signature quality workmanship. 

Jay has been building professionally since 2014 and has worked on countless projects across the Connecticut and Rhode Island coastline. Having experienced architect-driven projects early in his career, he has cultivated a strong design sensibility as well as an eye for modern aesthetic. In his spare time, Jay likes to design and build custom furniture and housewares.

Matter and Space was founded in 2018 and seeks to empower homeowners to bring out their creativity, and get excited about embarking on the project they've been dreaming about. 

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